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Launch announcement: successful farming at

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Four Kitchens is proud to announce the launch of Successful Farming at!

Since late summer of 2015, we worked closely with Meredith Agrimedia on what the wanted Successful Farming Magazine to be. We started by talking with them about site and customer needs and what they wanted to see in terms of design. We also focused on their “pain points” were with the site, like what had become a frustration or felt like it wasn’t working. Together, we designed and built the new Successful Farming site, with a modern look and feel that unites their online presence with their offline publication.

An image of the Successful Farming at landing site.

The digital presence for Successful Farming Magazine had been split: was the primary domain for digital-only content under the brand, though it included some content from the print magazine. While within Meredith Agrimedia there was a clear distinction between what content lived under the name Successful Farming and what content lived under the brand, externally it was confusing. Four Kitchens helped unify the brands and provided a transition strategy to integrate the two identities as Successful Farming at

Unification of these two sides of the Successful Farming identity meant migration. Under the brand were over 60,000 pieces of content and over 25GB of assets, including articles, slideshows, videos, podcasts, and more. Hundreds of categories were distilled into a logical information architecture based on audience and stakeholder interviews.

Four Kitchens helped unify the brands and provided a transition strategy towards a single integrated presence

Now, with the help of Four Kitchens, Meredith Argimedia and have a fully responsive mobile-first website with a first class desktop experience. We’ve integrated a modern look and feel that complements print magazine, providing a unified brand experience.
Editors enjoy the easy-to-use publishing with intuitive workflow management with refinements and touches based on our multiple implementations of publishing platforms.

Successful Farming at is a unified content and delivery structure, integrated with their in-house single-sign-on, analytics, flexible advertisement placement and analytics integrations that allow consumer-facing adjustments in minutes.

The Four Kitchens team was headed by Jon Peck and included Luke Herrington, Suzy Bates, Aaron Stanush, Joe Tower, and Jared Rogers. Thanks also to Estudio Manatí (Kevin Porras, Andres Diaz Soto) and Lullabot (Wes Ruvalcaba, Marissa Epstein) for providing additional team members, and to Morten Birch Heide-Jørgensen. It was a pleasure collaborating and we look forward to many more future engagements!