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Launch announcement: WOOD Magazine

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We’re pleased to announce the site launch of, the online presence of WOOD Magazine, “The World’s Leading Woodworking Resource.” The new site includes online-only content, free downloadable plans for home woodworking projects, an index of articles in the print magazine, community forums, and subscription management.

Four Kitchens implemented the second of two sites for Meredith in a matter of months, using a common codebase developed to support both this site and the Successful Farming at website. By using a common platform, the structures and configurations shared across these properties allowed the team to focus on brand-specific customization instead of reinventing the wheel.

Focused development began in April 2016 and the site formally launched on May 25th, 2016. The quick turnaround time from the team at Four Kitchens is a direct result of the distribution-based approach and institutional knowledge gained on previous work with Meredith.

Through collaboration, everyone involved has been able to learn from one another. Four Kitchens promoted best practices and knowledge sharing across the brands and teams within Meredith, including teams from other brands, operations, and advertising.

WOOD magazine online desktop interface

Engineering and development specifics:

  • Drupal 7
  • custom Drupal distribution
  • client-hosted LAMP stack, Apache Solr, Varnish, Jenkins
  • Aquifer build tool
  • CircleCI testing
  • migration out of WordPress and Interwoven CMS

The Four Kitchens team was headed by Jon Peck (architect and migration) and included Suzy Bates (project management), Luke Herrington (frontend engineer), Jared Rogers (design and UX), Aaron Stanush (design and content), and Evan Willhite (frontend engineer). Thanks also to Estudio Manatí (Kevin Porras, backend engineer) and Lullabot (Marissa Epstein, designer) for providing additional team members.