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New module: Dismiss

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Anyone working with the Drupal theme layer knows that sometimes our frontend debugging is accompanied by some backend trouble as well. While this is manageable in some cases, other times you really need those error messages to go away so you can work on the theme.

Inspecting the element and deleting manually using browser devtools is tedious. Setting some development CSS is risky, because you might commit the change into your codebase. What’s a frontend dev to do?

Enter Dismiss

The Dismiss module is a very simple module that uses jQuery to add — you guessed it — a “Dismiss” button to each group of messages within Drupal. So each group of status, warning, and error messages will have a little X button that allows you to quickly get rid of them, rather than using one of the workarounds I listed above.

It can also be a nice feature for user-facing messages. If a user has read and understood a message they can easily get rid of it when you install this module.

I don’t have any further features planned, as I want it to stay simple. If you use it, let me know what you think!

Dismiss module page