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The masses have spoken! Four of the Four Kitchens’ web chefs will be presenting (you guessed it) four sessions at DrupalCon San Francisco 2010! Here’s the low down in case you want to catch any of these talks during the conference.

Day one

On Monday at 5:30pm, Todd and Aaron will present From Photoshop to Drupal Theme. The takeaway from this talk will be stressing the importance of “designing for a system” rather than just focusing on how individual pages look in Drupal.

Day two

On Tuesday we’ll have two sessions. Don’t sleep in after the first night of partying, because at 9:45am you’ll watch to catch Todd’s Accelerated grid theming using NineSixty, an in-depth discussion about grid-based design in Drupal.

Then at 4:15pm, David will be talking about Performance testing The Economist Online using The Grinder, which is an open source Java-based load testing framework.

Day three

And on Wednesday at 3pm, Diana will be presenting PHP for NonProgrammers, a great introduction for those web designers who have only ever touched HTML and CSS.


The Sunday before the conference, David will be joining a Drupal Dream Team to help lead the Drupal Scalability and Performance Workshop.

The Thursday after DrupalCon, Diana will be presenting alongside the folks at the Wikimedia Foundation at CiviCon (the first-ever CiviCRM Conference).

Find us

We’ll also have a sponsor table set up at the venue if you want to stop by and talk with the web chefs about Drupal, open source, or this damn Chatroulette thing all the cool kids are talking about.

Get pumped, DrupalCon is in four days!