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Performance at DrupalCon New Orleans

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DrupalCon New Orleans is right around the corner and this Web Chef Emeritus wanted to share some of the front-end performance sessions that will be featured during DrupalCon 2016. I will be found at all of them, and be sure to check out the schedule for other sessions during the ‘Con.

Frontend Performance Training

Are you already a front-end developer? Are you wanting to learn about how to make your Drupal site more “performant”? Do you want to hear about the tools and automation you can put in place to ensure your site stays fast? Then sign up for Taylor Smith and Luke Herrington’s Frontend Performance Training, because we all know the best website is a fast website. In this all-day course they will catch you up on all the most important front-end performance skills and tools you need to make your site the best.

Six Easy Pieces for the New Frontend Development

Six Easy Pieces is perfect for the front-end developer looking to enhance their skills and take their code to the next level. John Albin Wilkins shares the six most essential pieces to building an amazing front end. And I bet you guessed it, one of those is budgeting for performance.

AMPing Up

Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project has created a new ability to make your mobile sites incredibly fast. In AMPing up Drupal, Marc Drummond, Karen Stevenson, and Matthew Tift will go into what AMP is, how you can use it, and the module they built to integrate AMP into your own site. I am personally very excited to see this work manifest itself on Drupal, as it has brought amazing success in my work.

Real Talk on Frontend Performance: Only You Can Prevent Slow Websites

The incomparable Josh Koenig will be delivering some Real Talk on what is needed to make your site fast. He delves into some of the most important techniques that can be used to make your site the absolute best it can be—from asynchonicity to testing, he will cover it all. Be sure not to miss this one.

A Shorter, Faster Way to Performance

While there are many techniques you can employ to make your site faster, having a great CDN is paramount to ensure that users all over can have fast access to your site. DocWilco, from Fastly, and Fabian Franz, the author of the BigPipe module, will dive into how to setup a CDN or Varnish to have some next-level caching in Drupal at: A Shorter, Faster Way to Performance — Making the Kessel Run in <12 Parsecs with Fastly & Drupal 8.

Media + Ads + Performance

What list of performance sessions would be complete without my own? This session will be about all the work we have done over at Vox Media to take our legacy code base and improve performance without a full redesign or overhaul. I will dive deep into how we decided what to tackle, and what we are doing to make working with advertising a better and faster experience.

I’ll see you in New Orleans!

Ian Carrico is a Performance Engineer at Vox Media, Inc.