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Pressflow 6 now offers direct downloads

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For quite some time, Four Kitchens has provided Pressflow releases to its large-scale clients and anyone interested enough to request a copy. We provided limited access to copies so that we could understand what organizations expected of Pressflow, how they wanted to use it, and so that we could keep all users updated with the latest security, bug-fix, and feature releases.

Recently, we’ve seen increasing request volume, and we’d like to give new users faster access to downloads. So, we’re making Pressflow available for direct download. No signup. No hassles. We even give you the copy-and-paste commands to download and extract Pressflow on a remote Linux machine. (You can still sign up for the updates mailing list, which we highly recommend.)

In the near future, we’ll be posting more documentation on our website that was previously only available to clients and partners of Four Kitchens. We’ll also be opening up our Pressflow issue tracker (for Pressflow-specific issues that do not apply to Drupal).

Pressflow 5 will remain available by request only.