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Stay classy, San Diego: Web chefs headed to SandCamp

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Web chefs Todd Nienkerk and Robert Ristroph will be making their way to San Diego this weekend to attend SandCamp 2011.

Rob will be giving two presentations, so you should check those out as well.

Debugging Techniques for Drupal

A general approach to debugging Drupal problems will be presented, followed by an overview of a variety of tools such as the Devel suite, krumo, xdebug, and client side debugging such as Firebug and LiveHTTPHeaders. In addition to debugging functionality, approaches to performance related problems will also be covered. Techniques that apply generally to all web applications or other PHP code will be noted, as well as tips on structured debugging that narrows down problems rather than random changes.

Introduction to GIT Version Control

Using Git for version control of Drupal projects and web sites will be introduced. All examples will be done using GUI tools, and arcane command line invocations will be avoided. The workflow presented will be as simple, without branching and merging. A goal of this talk is to convince developers and site builders that are not using version control that starting does not have a steep learning curve and using it does not come with a lot of overhead. People should be able to come away from this session able to start using Git with immediate payoff, and be able to interact with hosting systems that use version control for code promotion and continuous integration.

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Photo credit: Paul Sapiano