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SXSW 2014: Panel proposals from Four Kitchens

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Some people call it spring break for nerds, but for me, it’s the New Year. That’s right, the New Year doesn’t start on January 1st for me. It starts in mid-March when a new SXSW festival kicks off, setting the pace for trends in tech, film, and music.

We love SXSW, a couple of Web Chefs have presented in the past, plus we help put on a Drupal party every time. Next year will be no exception. Our panel submissions for SXSW Interactive 2014 are:

Your content should be future-friendly, too

Ian Carrico explains how all content can be open, reusable, and meaningful on the backend in order to allow content to be delivered to the user, no matter how they want to access it.

No more Scrumbutt! Try Consultancy Scrum instead

As a follow-up to talks presented at DrupalCon Portland and NYC Camp, Todd Nienkerk explores how consultancies can embrace client-facing Scrum and Agile methodologies and make Scrum work for their business.

Frontend Ops

Prepared to be wowed by Chris Ruppel’s awesome frontend ops skills! He will show you how to do things like set up automated testing, and leverage tools like Phantom JS or YSlow.

5 personal branding lessons I learned from karaoke

Last but not least, my panel session is on personal branding, and what I have learned about personal branding through my journey into the dark underbelly of karaoke. Karaoke has helped me with my public speaking skills, my presentation skills, and just being comfortable in my own skin — and it shows in my branding. I can teach you my secrets, and you won’t even have to listen to hipsters singing Hall and Oates.

Those are our panels. If you like any of them (or all!) please feel free to vote. We’re also happy to vote for those who ask nicely 🙂