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Train with Four Kitchens at DrupalCon Munich 2012!

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Did you know that Four Kitchens presented one of the first talks on Responsive Web Design at a major tech conference? We’ve learned a lot from our ventures into responsive web design and development, both from our client work and our community contributions. We have offered full-day, sold-out responsive training and popular responsive sessions at DrupalCon Denver, BADCamp and DrupalCamp Austin.

Four Kitchens experts will be sharing their knowledge on Responsive Web Design this year at DrupalCon Munich via a special training session. If you are interested in learning how to:

  • Design for all devices from day one
  • Create a responsive layout
  • Plan for content delivery
  • Implement your plan in the Drupal theme layer

What you will learn by the end:

  • Plan and implement a mobile first design
  • Lay out a fluid design structure
  • Implement CSS3 media queries
  • Handle images and rich content in multiple devices
  • Create a responsive Drupal 7 theme
  • Use JavaScript to make your site more responsive
  • Optimize the front end so that it loads as fast as possible

You can register for our Responsive Web Design training in Munich by following this link.

In addition to our training track, Chris Ruppel and Robert Ristroph will head a session on the following topics: