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Trip Report: MidCamp 2016

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MidCamp 2016 was just over a week ago. For those unfortunate folks who couldn’t attend, here are some highlights:

PHP 7 is awesome!

Larry Garfield walked us through some really exciting improvements in PHP 7. Retu\r\n \type declarations, scalar type hinting, impressive performance benchmarks, Oh my! Check out his session and upgrade your servers!

KSS + Twig = Drupal-accurate static style guides?

We chased the dream of style guide driven development with Brian Perry. What got me excited was seeing how close we are to marrying static style guides with real Drupal templates using KSS and Twig. No more importing databases, configuring webservers, or managing provisioning scripts for your designer who just wants to work with the plain markup and styles! No more managing (or mis-managing) two sets of templates during development. That’s the dream anyway, but we’re close! If we can reference a real Drupal Twig template in KSS, then perhaps we can skip all that headache. There’s a pull request to add a Twig generator on the kss-node project. ScanKssBundle is another promising project. There’s even a Drupal module which uses KSS to generate a style guide.

Big Star makes tasty tacos.

Some of the Austin-based webchefs may take issue with this, but the tacos at Big Star were some of the best I’ve ever had the pleasure of consuming. Definitely a spot to check out when you’re in Chicago for MidCamp 2017.

Wormhole does coffee right. Also, time travel.

Need caffeine? Head on over to The Wormhole for some seriously good coffee. Then if coffee isn’t your thing, perhaps you’ll be enticed by their full-size DeLorean or working NES set up and ready for you to play. I certainly was.
Wormhole coffee in Chicago.

Bottom line, MidCamp is a well organized, well attended event. I thoroughly enjoyed it and plan to go back. Maybe you should too!