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Web Chef anniversary posters: part 2

1 Min. ReadDesign and UX

This is part two in our series of the anniversary gift posters we made for our web chefs. Check out the first part to see how we began to brainstorm the theme for the poster with our artist, Paul Ahern.

We left off with the final idea for how we wanted to portray two of our favorite things — robots and tacos.

Next, the friends needed a home. Maybe they should live inside a computer?

We like computers, but it wasn’t quite right — plus, we would still need a variant that differentiated which year the web chef was celebrating. Paul had the clever idea of using salsa spiciness to denote this.

Then, without prompting, Paul delivers his master stroke — having the friends share their embrace in the comforts of a food trailer park. Which, if you ever find yourself in Austin, there are some food trucks you’ll definitely want to try.

That’s it! Below are some detail shots of the final screenprinted product. Todd and I are thrilled with the way they came out and look forward to making some more next year.

Thanks again to Paul for embarking on this journey with us to create something truly special for our web chefs.

Paul Ahern