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Web Chef speaking at DrupalCamp Stockholm

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Four Kitchens co-founder Todd Nienkerk will be speaking at this week’s at DrupalCamp Stockholm. He’ll actually be speaking on two topics, so if you’re lucky enough to be in Sweden, check them out:

Don’t design websites. Design web SYSTEMS!

Drupal’s theme layer is very flexible and can accommodate just about any web design. It’s important for designers to remember, however, that they’re not really creating a page — they’re building a complete system to house the all of the site’s content. And when designers are building sitemaps, wireframes, and mockups, they’re actually outlining a site’s functionality. Designers, not developers, usually determine a site’s purpose and functionality.

Drupal 7 UX Improvements

Drupal 7 included a lot of technical achievements (fields in core!) but there was also a significant effort put forth to improve the look and feel of the administration UI. The Drupal 7 User Experience Project set out to identify areas of UX improvement, test vigorously, and then implement — and it was all done in the open. Some of these new features that came from this project are more obvious, like the new overlay and toolbar modules. But there were also a lot of subtle UI improvements, where if you’ve been using Drupal 5 or 6 for years, you’ll be overcome with rays of sunshine.

Check out the full DrupalCamp Stockholm schedule.

One presentation we’re particularly excited to see is from Moeed Ahmad at Al Jazeera who will be talking about Empowering the journalists and communities with Drupal. We’re thrilled to be working with Al Jazeera on a few of their projects and glad that Drupal is making it happen.