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Webperf Wednesday: video roundup

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Hey, speeders! There have been some great presentation videos put up on the web recently, so I’ve got links to a couple videos this week.

Breaking the 1000ms time-to-glass barrier

Last week we checked out slides from Ilya Grigorik, so if you enjoyed those you have to check out his 45-min presentation recorded during the last SFHTML5 meetup. For mobile web developers this is required watching. He starts with the constraint that he wants to load a mobile web page in less than 1000ms, and proceeds backwards, walking through the realities of phone chips/towers, mobile network latency, and battery usage, in addition to more familiar concepts like image compression, the browser rendering stack, and reflow/repaint gotchas. Warning: you might need a cigarette after watching this video!

Steve Souders HTML5 DevConf keynote

Steve Souders delivered a great keynote at the HTML5 Developer Conference, and he makes it very clear that users want speed. One of the original powerhouses in the frontend performance world, Steve has created more resources and tools than is possible to list here, so I’ll just encourage you to check out his site if you’re not familiar with his work. His latest blog post also contains some errata from this video so if you like it please head over there to pick up the corrections.