##4K news this week

We are celebrating our 9th year anniversary today! Instead of your usual weekly watercooler, we want to tell the story of Four Kitchens in pictures.

From our first booth at a DrupalCon…

###…to our brand new booth at DrupalCon Austin with live screen printing!

From our first office…

###…to becoming a remote / virtual company where there is a lot of video conferencing going on.

There’s been a lot of tacos

And beers with good friends

But we stay humble through it all

Dolla dolla bills, yo. No literally, check the photo, it’s one dollar bills.

Looking ahead

We’ve had some amazingly talented Web Chefs come through Four Kitchens, and our team keeps getting better. More talented. More versatile.

It’s not just Drupal anymore. It’s Node.js, frontend performance, API architectures, user experience design, mobile and responsive design…

And the projects keep getting bigger and better! Our team, along with NBC, Lullabot, and CP+B, won an Emmy. An Emmy! Plus, we have been named one of the best places to work in our home of Central Texas.

We have accomplished this and much more in 9 years. We’re looking forward to celebrating a decade in business next year!