4K news this week:

  • Did you read David Diers’s Flexible Field Modeling post? Well, here is the follow-up, detailing his approach to responsive tables with field collections. You should really check it out! The work David did setting up this process can truly be key when content analysis results in a lot of unknown data.
  • We’re coming to BADCamp! And we want to see you all! So, we’re helping put together a fun Game Night the Friday of the conference. We will still have trivia, but in addition to trivia, the Web Chefs are bringing some of our favorite games. You can learn more about Game Night at BADCamp here!

Links around the watercooler:

  • You got served: Google’s Coder Project turns a Raspberry Pi into a mini app server.
  • Level up: Dungeons and Developers is a nice site that allows you to build a character based on your awesome web design and development skillz. Yes, with a “z.”
  • Blame it on the rain: Street art that only appears when it rains.
  • Play it again, piano man: Player piano and and robot drummer play Nintendo audio.
  • What would Elon do: This parody Twitter account posits the question, what would Elon Musk invent when he’s bored?

Photo credit: sp3ccylad