Make Drupal 7 Development Fun

Make Drupal 7 Development Fun

In the Drupal support world, working on Drupal 7 sites is a necessity. But switching between Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 development can be jarring, if only for the coding style. Fortunately,…

Acquia Lift

Personalization with Acquia Lift

Image courtesy of Acquia Crafting a user experience that feels customized — but not forced or invasive — is key to successfully creating targeted website content. If you work with Drupal, Acquia…


Emulsify and Higher Education

Here at Four Kitchens, we have seen time and again the benefits of component-driven development using Emulsify. A few benefits in particular stand out for higher education projects, specifically modularity, parallel development,…

Introducing Gutenberg

When someone thinks of Drupal, they think about scalability, customization, and the oh-so-steep learning curve. What isn’t thought of as much is the smooth and simple editing experience. Though there are many… Site Launch!

Launch Announcement! SDSU Extension

SDSU Extension is a South Dakota State University organization that provides educational outreach programs for the citizens of South Dakota. They provide farmers, ranchers, agri-business people, communities, families, and youth with the…

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