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Launch announcement! NYU College of Global Public Health

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After last year’s NYU College of Nursing D8 Redesign, the NYU College of Global Public Health (NYU CGPH) team asked for technical guidance from David Resto (Director of Technology at NYU Nursing) in helping them spearhead a similar D8 upgrade for their school’s site for the Spring of 2017. David agreed, but pointed out that the strong working relationship between his team and Four Kitchens was critical to the success.

After a two-day workshop at the NYU CGPH offices in Manhattan, the team noted that the clients had a great vision for the future of the site—but limitations in time and funding meant that the 4K team needed to come up with novel solutions to bring the site in on time and on budget. 4K was tasked with delivering a completely new and modern site, while taking advantage of the costs savings from re-using the same code base from the Nursing project (designing everything in house this time).

“…limitations in time and funding meant that the 4K team needed to come up with novel solutions to bring the site in on time and on budget”

Redesigning in Sections

Throughout the winter, CPGH and 4K worked hand in hand to redesign the individual sections of the site and their functionality. After several rounds of comps and stylistic options, the teams agreed that the modern, magazine-style, image-driven option best reflected the progressive nature of the school.

With designs in hand, adapting them from style tiles and wireframes into usable code became the next challenge. The team relied heavily on Emulsify, our Pattern Lab + Drupal 8 component based theming. The team was also tasked with creating an integration for the site, allowing faculty and associated research projects to be pulled into the site instantly without the need for continuous manual updates.

After the CGPH client team completed the herculean task of entering new content, photography, and video assets into the site, the brand new is live. Both teams have already discussed how proud they are of the finished product, and how much we are going to miss working together on it.

NYU College of Global Public Health
The new CGPH site on desktop and mobile.

Congratulations, team!

The Four Kitchens team for NYU CGPH included Jeff Tomlinson as technical lead, Randy Oest as the visual and interaction designer, and Evan Willhite as frontend engineer. Chris Devidal acted as project manager, with additional input from Caris Hurd, Brian Lewis, and Adam Erickson.

The new NYU CGPH site is built on Drupal 8, with Paragraphs, Emulsify, Pattern Lab, and InVision rounding out the technologies we used.