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2017 gift guide: developer edition

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The web developers and engineers in your life can be some of the most challenging and fun to shop for. We asked the Four Kitchens Developers and their colleagues what items top their wish lists for 2017. They built us the perfect list.

Big Gifts

This Book is a Planetarium: Architect, David, recommends the coolest pop-up book we’ve ever seen! It includes a musical instrument, a speaker, a decoder, an infinite calendar, a spiralgraph and, you guessed it, a planetarium. All of the tools featured in the book are fully functional and explain the scientific principles that make them work. $27.

Senior Javascript Engineer, Flip suggests this handy timer that provides a visual reminder of the passing time. The color changing time face gives a gentle visual reminder without any ticking to drive us up the wall. The silent operation and visual cue make this timer perfect for group work sessions. $31.

Flip also touts this entry-level telescope so engineers can gain inspiration from the stars and planets. Even though it’s billed as a “first telescope”, this model is the best of form and function. Emblazoned all around the scope are the names of notable astronomers. $41.

Pick up a Wireless Qi Charger for your favorite engineer. This charger works with all Qi-enabled phones, Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+, Note 8, Apple iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and X. With a Qi adapter, you can use this rapid charger with most smartphones, and it charges Qi-enabled phones without any additional accessories. $28–50.

Bigger Gifts

While not all software developers enjoy fixing things with their paws, there is an overlap. For the engineer who likes to fix things, this $60 tech toolkit is ideal. This kit was designed based on the tools needed in thousands of repair manuals. It has all the tools you need and none you don’t.

Staring at a screen can wreak havoc on the eyes. Give your developer’s eyes a break with fatigue-reducing glasses. How do they work? Fatigue-reducing glasses filter blue light, reduce glare, and can increase magnification if you choose that option. $95-125.

A really nice webcam will make the developers on your gift list feel better about themselves while in calls all day. With its awesome video quality and automatic exposure adjustment, you’ll look great in any kind of light. This webcam is also compatible with facial recognition software like Windows Hello. $160.

Mycroft – open source home assistant: A less creepy computer that you can yell at. Mycroft Mark is built with open hardware and software and its users are encouraged to contribute to its code. Mark loves to learn and voice enable your life. $180.

Biggest Gifts

Director of Technology, Mike M. added this ergonomic keyboard to the list because it’s really cool. A highly customizable keyboard allows its user to position the halves where they are most comfortable to use. The keys are laid out in an ortho-linear design to reduce fatigue on fingers. The keyboard also runs open source firmware that you can access on GitHub. $325.

Senior JavaScript Engineer, Patrick proposes giving the gift of VR. Vive VR System is the ultimate virtual reality experience. With stunning graphics and intuitive controls, Vive is like a portal to another realm. Vive provides a fully immersive experience while sitting, or while moving through a 15’x15’ space. The system also integrates technology that warns about the boundaries of your play space so you can remain focused on your virtual world. $599.

Bonus! Extras

If you’re in search of a small token of appreciation or you want to give a bonus gift, these extras, suggested by Flip, are just what the developers on your list need.

Super sticky Post-It Notes with Grids are great for organizing, sketching, and graphing. $6.

A fidget cube, $6, — “Anything to keep you from picking your nose during a meeting”, Flip jokes. Each side of the cube provides a different sensory experience — flip, click, slide, flip, breathe, spin, and roll.

Cool and customizable USB cables. There are multiple options for customization these days. “I don’t have to make my own anymore!” Flip says.

The Best Gift is Your Referral

Now that the web developers on your gift list are taken care of, what’s the best gift you could give Four Kitchens this holiday season? Your referral. If you know of organizations that are ready to make their content go, ask them to give us a shout. We’d love to help.