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Our top 5 WordPress tips (and a whole lot more)

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Are you using — or planning to use — WordPress in an enterprise setting? As Pantheon partners, Four Kitchens has you covered. The Web Chefs have assembled a set of our top tips for getting the most from your implementation. These tips, along with recommendations and advice from other WordPress agency partners, are available in the new, free Pantheon ebook, “Faster, Smarter, Safer: WordPress for Enterprise.

Get ready to go big

We hear plenty of people say that WordPress is great for blogs — the end. That’s old news. Today’s WordPress is a robust, capable CMS that can handle large-scale enterprise websites. Add in a new editing interface and open-source innovation, and you get a real powerhouse with extensive support for headless architectures, impressive scalability, exciting design options, and more.

To check out our top 5 tips for taking advantage of these capabilities, download your free copy of “Faster, Smarter, Safer: WordPress for Enterprise.” Our Web Chefs talk tips and bust a few myths on pages 7 through 9.

A word about customized workflows

We also touch on an important caveat: the importance of customizing workflows. Many of our WordPress clients appreciate the platform’s simplicity. But in organizations with numerous stakeholders — universities and other institutions of higher learning, for example — a more detailed workflow is needed. We specialize in helping organizations implement such workflows as part of a sustainable strategy.

Does all the great info in “Faster, Smarter, Safer: WordPress for Enterprise” have you excited for your WordPress project? Check back regularly for more WordPress content from our Web Chefs.