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Catch the Web Chefs at Node Interactive 2016

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! No, we don’t mean the holiday season (which we love, too), we mean Node Interactive 2016!

We’re really excited to be Bronze Sponsors for the first time and we’re looking forward to getting to know the Node community better.

Find Us and Say Hello!

The Web Chefs are champing at the bit to get into those sessions and we want to share them with you. Stop by booth B4 (bright green background near the back, can’t miss us) to chat about what you’re learning or just get to know us. We’re a friendly bunch and we want to get to know you!

Catch me, Lucy, at the following sessions:
T, 8am: Diversity Coffee Talk
T, 9:40am: Keynote: Evolve or Fall Behind
T, 11:00am: Shedding Light on the Darknet
T, 5:10: The Diversity Experiment v0.0.1

Doug is looking forward to seeing:
T, 9:40: Keynote: Evolve or Fall Behind
T, 4:10: From Pterodactyls and Cactus to Artificial Intelligence
T, 5:10: The Future Is Now
W, 10:50: The Morality of Code

You can find Flip at:
T, 11:30: Developing Nirvana
T, 12: Smarter & Cuter Bots
T, 4:40: Real-Time Machine Learning with Node.js
W, 10:20: Workshop: Games as Conversational Interfaces

Elliott is excited to see:
T, 12: Slaying Monoliths
T, 2:20: Solving Service Discovery

Luke is likely to be found at:
T, 2:50: Hitchhiker’s Guide to “Serverless” Javascript
T, 5:10: The Diversity Experiment v0.0.1

Let’s do this! See yall there!