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Security happens: Cloudflare

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Cloudflare Bug May Have Created Security Leak

Cloudflare, a major internet host, had some unusual circumstances that caused their servers to output information that contained private information such as HTTP cookies, authentication tokens, HTTP POST bodies, and other sensitive data. You can read the official incident report here.

What You Need to Know

Between February 13 and February 18, private information such as passwords may have been leaked, potentially exposing your data. Many sites have been affected, including:

OKCupid, Uber, 1Password, 23andMe, Patreon, Yelp, Medium, YCombinator News, CodePen, and many others.

Protect Your Accounts

Step One: To protect your accounts, go to this list and change the password for EVERY site where you have an account.

Step Two: If you don’t already have one, get a password manager. Web Chef Randy Oest explains how in “Dad, you need a password manager.”

Step Three: Stay informed. The Electronic Frontier Foundation lays out the basics you need to know to protect yourself in their series: Surveillance Self Defense.