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Why People Leave

The human process of work doesn't get easier when you go distributed. Team members still come and go, and the work of letting a good person leave can be deeply humbling.

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The Importance of People

Working in Operations at any company can be lonely business. While the rest of your company works collaboratively, Operations is often expected to be self sufficient and, ultimately, have all the answers.…

“Shhh, mommy’s working…”

The Joy of Multi-Tasking Working from home can sound like a dream to people who commute to an office everyday. Talk to most people about it and one of the first things…

Step Two: Remote-First Thinking

Remote-first thinking isn't a way to be a distributed company. It's a philosophy that guides how your team and clients interact that prioritizes the experience of working outside of a traditional, centralized…

Overlooking the harbor

Levelling Up the Work From Home Experience

“Wait, you work from home? That must be ______.” People follow that with words like: terrible, distracting, isolating, lonely, and occasionally “awesome because you don’t have to wear pants!” When I started…

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Breaking out of the office

Four Kitchens is about to take its biggest step in a years-long journey towards changing how we collaborate as a team: We're letting go of our physical office space and becoming a fully #DistributedTeam. …

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