Articles related to web performance of all types. We have experts in many facets of performance: server-side, database, mobile, and frontend performance.

SEO Best Practices: Fall 2016

The SEO industry is changing rapidly.What does this mean for you? It means you have to re-evaluate your strategy on a regular basis. You shouldn’t be using the same SEO strategies and tactics you may have been using. […]

WebPageTest for power users

Howdy, perfers! This week is short and sweet: a duo of videos for WebPageTest power users. It was presented at Velocity 2014 by Patrick Meenan, the creator of Read on to learn about some interesting features I learned about.

Test local development environments with ngrok

Local development is convenient and fast. It rids us of network latency and allows more rapid iteration while building a website. Ignoring that latency until you deploy can hurt your site’s performance. Read more to learn a few techniques for doing initial performance testing on local sites.

Use Gulp to automate your critical path CSS

Take a brief look at the process behind generating critical path CSS. Although it can seem daunting when first learning about it, the tools are surprisingly simple. Read on for a brief intro plus a code example that you can use today.

Use Gulp and UnCSS to slim down your CSS framework

CSS frameworks are a nice way to get started with a project. You can tell by the name of many popular frameworks: Bootstrap, Foundation, and Skeleton just to name a few. All of these names evoke a starting point — problem is, unless you take time to eliminate the pieces you did not use, you’ll ship bloated code to your users. Read on to learn how to eliminate the unused CSS from your frameworks when it is time to go live.

Fix scrolling performance with CSS will-change property

I recently saw Paul Lewis’ screencast demonstrating how trivial it can be to fix a particular kind of performance issue caused by scrolling. I knew the problem looked familiar and I realized it was happening right in my front yard, on the Four Kitchens homepage. Read on to see how easy it was to diagnose and fix.

Webfonts and performance

I recently had a significant webfont problem on some client work and had to really sink my teeth into the problem to resolve it properly. I found some great resources that helped me fix it in no time. Hopefully they’re as useful to you as they were to me.

Frontend performance training kit

Two weeks ago web chef emeritus Ian Carrico and myself had the pleasure of of both training and speaking about frontend performance at DrupalCon LA. I’d like to describe our free, open source training materials a bit to entice you to try them, and perhaps start building awareness of performance within your team.