Drupal Products We’ve Created


Emulsify® is an open-source tool for creating design systems with reusable components and clear guidelines for teams. Emulsify helps organizations scale their design while reducing cost, streamlining workflows, and improving accessibility.


Sous is a base Drupal distribution profile with a theme based on Emulsify Design System.

Drupal Modules We’ve Created or Help Maintain

A comprehensive list of our contributions can be found on Drupal.org/Four-Kitchens, but a sample of our work includes:

  • Modernizr: Tests which native CSS3 and HTML5 features are available in the user’s browser by integrating the third-party Modernizr library. Provides a conditional loading API to all other modules and themes.
  • Aurora: A Sass/Compass-powered responsive, mobile-first base theme for Drupal.
  • Magic: A module to help front-end themers power their theme’s performance.
  • Respond.js: Provides IE 6-8 support for responsive Drupal themes by integrating the third-party Respond.js library.
  • Block Class: Allows users to add classes to any block through the block’s configuration interface. Though simple, it’s very popular: currently ranked in the top 1% of all Drupal modules with more than 31,000 installations.
  • Field Orbit: Provides a responsive slideshow display mode for image fields and field collections with images.
  • Simple Help: Looks for markdown files in enabled modules and creates help pages that can be read on the site for them.
  • Location Feeds: Provides location mappers for the Feeds module and is compatible with both CCK and location module location fields.
  • Taxonomy Orphanage: Provides interfaces (drush, cron, admin form) for removing orphaned taxonomy term references from entities.
  • Attachment Links: Provides permanent links to files attached to a node. A single, easy-to-remember URL can be used to retrieve the preferred or newest version of a file regardless of how many versions of that file have been attached to a node.
  • Dismiss: Adds a jQuery-powered “dismiss” button to all Drupal messages so they can be closed without refreshing the browser.
  • FastClick: Integrates the FastClick library from FTLabs, provides faster user interactions on many touch devices.
  • Abbreviations Filter: Input filter that can be used to scan text for a user-input list of abbreviations and then replace them with an abbr tag which also encodes the non-abbreviated phrase.
  • Comment Publish: Allows users to unpublish comments on their own content.
  • Entity JSON: Provides an API to display a Drupal entity as JSON output.
  • Feeds: Import.io: Provides a Feeds Parser and Fetcher for import.io data sets.
  • TFA Rules: Two-Factor Authentication Rules is a Drupal module that provides integration with the Rules module to add a condition to check to see if TFA has been enabled for a user.
  • Entity Field Condition: Provides a Condition plugin that checks to see if a particular entity bundle has a field with a specific value.
  • Generate Errors: A module that provides an user interface for developer to manually generate errors.
  • Site Audit: A Drupal static site analysis platform that generates reports with actionable best practice recommendations.

Core Contributions

We have provided numerous contributions to Drupal 5, 6, and 7 core. We have been highly active in the Drupal community since Drupal 4.7.2.


Pressflow is a distribution of Drupal with integrated performance, scalability, availability, and testing enhancements. Pressflow 6 powers many of the web’s largest Drupal installations. Several of the enhancements and innovations developed in Pressflow 6 were included in Drupal 7 and drastically improved its scalability.

Drupal 8 Core

For the Drupal 8 Core, we helped convert the core templates to HTML5, added new HTML5 form elements, and integrated Modernizr into core. We contributed some configuration management work, which allows for dev/test/live environments.