Four Kitchens


Do you need help with a tricky problem? Or maybe some expert advice? We offer hourly consulting from senior-level web professionals who can efficiently solve issues, provide an outside perspective, and lend an empathetic ear.

Maybe you’re happy with your website, but it’s loading slowly, and the bounce rate is high. You have a solid development team, but they can’t figure out the source of the problem. In a case like this, you don’t need to hire someone or spin up a project, but you need a solution—quickly.

Can your website be faster? Is your site accessible? How do you know you’re providing a great experience for your users? Perhaps you need a User Experience Strategist to audit your site, interview your customers, and compile a list of recommendations that your team can implement.

A consulting retainer can help you fill gaps in knowledge by challenging your assumptions, identifying problems, and highlighting areas of improvement. You’ll receive comprehensive feedback that outlines the ways your digital product can improve.

Our Web Chef experts include:

  • User Experience Strategists to improve usability and navigation, conduct user research, optimize your content lifecycle, improve conversions, and review your web analytics.
  • Frontend and Backend Developers to solve tricky technical problems, consult on Drupal or WordPress migrations, or help you integrate new tools. We are also JavaScript experts (React and Node in particular).
  • Digital Architects to review your technical approach, plan complex system integrations,  or help you create a new technical architecture. We have extensive experience with WebOps, DevOps, and hosting platforms like Pantheon, Acquia, and Amazon AWS.
  • Accessibility Specialists to ensure compliance, remediate accessibility issues, and reduce your liability.