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Staff augmentation

As the needs of your digital business evolve, you may find that your team needs consistent, reliable help—but just for a fixed period of time. Adding full-time help is costly, and your organization could be experiencing a hiring freeze that limits your options. And maybe you’ve had a negative experience with freelancers who didn’t integrate with your team or deliver on the promise of their expertise.

Staff augmentation fills gaps in your capacity without hiring.

With staff augmentation, your team essentially “leases” a team member for several months. You manage their efforts and assign their work, but we are responsible for ensuring quality. Hiring a reputable firm for staff augmentation is like adding world-class experts to your team and getting nothing but results. Even better, there’s none of the overhead or personnel management that comes with a full-time hire. We handle professional development, one-on-one meetings, and time off, so you can maintain focus on your business.

Staff augmentation also allows for greater flexibility than freelancers. If the scope of your project expands, an agency can scale and quickly deliver other skilled professionals. Or, if someone isn’t working out, we quickly can bring in someone else to take their place.

Our Web Chef experts include:

  • Senior Frontend and Backend Developers to expand your development team, provide long-term support, or consult on your Drupal or WordPress projects. We are also JavaScript experts (React and Node in particular).
  • Digital Architects to review your technical approach, plan complex system integrations,  or help you create a new technical architecture. We have extensive experience with WebOps, DevOps, and hosting platforms like Pantheon, Acquia, and Amazon AWS.
  • Product Owners and Project Managers to help you define business requirements, build backlogs, lead scrum teams, and manage the day-to-day.
  • User Experience Strategists to improve usability and navigation, conduct user research, optimize your content lifecycle, improve conversions, and review your web analytics.
  • Designers to build comprehensive design systems, create new design concepts, and extend your existing design.
  • Accessibility Specialists to ensure compliance, remediate accessibility issues, and reduce your liability.