Support & Improvement

No matter who built your site, we can keep it going. 

Launching a website isn’t the end of the road, it’s the beginning of a journey. Your newly launched website is like buying a new house. You just moved in,and over time, you have new projects and issues that come to life. You need a deck to host neighborhood gatherings, some of your landscaping is struggling to stay alive where it’s been planted. You decide you need a security service and a new whole house audio system to listen to your music anywhere. You read about those high-tech, smartphone-enabled thermostats and want to optimize your HVAC usage. You notice a leak in the bathroom sink and want new paint on an accent wall in the family room.

Four Kitchens’ support organization is your partner in the ongoing growth of your website, the same way home improvement specialists help you continually improve your house. Whatever changes, improvements, and repairs you need, we are here to help!

At Four Kitchens, we make website support services a cornerstone of our business. Our support team is fully dedicated and managed independently from our build projects, so you will never compete with full build projects for attention.

Drupal Support & Maintenance

Whether we built your site or not, we are happy to provide maintenance and support for Drupal-powered sites with Drupal core and module updates, security patches, performance improvements, and bug fixes. We monitor the versions of Drupal core and all installed modules on your site, and when security or feature-driven releases come out, we’re on top of getting your site squared away. Sometimes these releases reconfigure how features are executed, and cause bugs elsewhere throughout the site with your specific implementation. We follow up with code and functional testing to catch and repair these as quickly as possible.

Site Enhancements

Our philosophy of continuous evolution of the web and the world means that we know things are always changing. As technological advances emerge, we are on the lookout for how to help your site take advantage of them. As you develop new ideas and refine your messages and offerings to your users, we work with you to bring those to life through your website. Whether simple or complex, Four Kitchens Support development team is able to tackle any enhancement you can envision.

Performance Optimization

The beauty of software is that you can program your site to do almost anything. The downside is that a feature can have both benefits and drawbacks. Rich imagery can also mean slow performance on mobile devices or on low-bandwidth services. Advertising brings in revenue but may also slow down your website with certain implementations. We help you balance competing priorities and evaluate options to fine tune the performance and user experience with your website.


Just like with home improvement, we are experts at installing and configuring new technology to work for you.The possible sources of useful tools, data and applications to integrate into your site are endless. Four Kitchens has a wealth of skills to offer in API development and app integration to help you most effectively extend your website and provide more value to your end users. We possess the know how to make your existing tools work with other tools for seamless integrations.


Your organization may have a software engineer or team on staff already to continue the evolution of your website. But sometimes it is necessary to consult with a set of specialists and experts when dealing with a difficult issue or implementing a complex custom solution. Four Kitchens Support is available to consult with your team. Our team has expertise in architecture, design, troubleshooting, and implementation approaches as a result of deep engagement and experience across a wide variety of Drupal environments.

Close Partnership

Our Support team is small, proactive, cohesive, and transparent. We share our expertise, best practices, tips, and new information with everyone on our extended teams. Our goal is to get to know you, your business, and your website. We focus on maintaining an open, close and collaborative relationship with you, so that you have information about your work in progress at your fingertips, and are closely involved in decision making. You will get to know your project manager and developers personally, rather than sending a help ticket into an opaque black box. We view our relationship as a partnership to optimize your online presence.

We’re ready to partner with you. Drop us a line, and we’ll be in touch.

Sometimes it sounds like we're speaking another language; here's a short glossary of terms to help you understand what we do and how we work.
  • BugsSoftware bugs are errors or defects. When a piece of your site does not work as designed or produces an error, you've got a bug.
  • DrupalAn open-source content management framework distributed under a free GNU Public license, now on Drupal 8. Four Kitchens has specialized in building sites with Drupal and providing Drupal support to clients for over ten years.
  • Drupal SupportAssistance maintaining and enhancing your Drupal-powered website.
  • ImprovementA small enhancement to an existing feature or capability. A code improvement doesn't address something that's broken, it just makes something that already works do its work a little better.
  • UpgradeA new version of an existing piece of software, module, or integration that provides new functionality for your site. Redoing your Drupal 6 or Drupal 7 site on the new Drupal 8 is an example of a software upgrade.