Launching a website or app isn’t the end—it’s the beginning. Depending on your staff workload, your organization may need ongoing help to manage issues that arise further down the road.

Our support team can maintain and continuously improve your digital experience.

A support relationship lends itself to a more strategic approach between you and your agency. Keeping this expertise on your side allows for continuous improvement to your digital products. Your goals will undoubtedly shift or change over time, requiring you to add new features or adopt new technology. With ongoing support, you can ensure your website remains in a state of continuous improvement, adapting to the changing landscape rather than stagnating.

From a cost perspective, support and continuous improvement is more efficient than ramping up a series of short-term projects. Our Support team ensures security updates, bug fixes, and any other ongoing improvements are handled quickly and without impacting your internal workflow. Meanwhile, your team can focus on new initiatives rather than the ongoing tasks of updating your existing projects.

Why our Support team is better:

  • Our Support engineers are fully dedicated, meaning they do not split their time with projects or other consulting.
  • We do not overbook. We sell only the time we have available. This means we are available when you need us.
  • We focus on continuous improvement. We won’t merely maintain your site—we will make it better. We actively seek out opportunities for improvement and eliminate technical debt.
  • We actively monitor your site for updates and security patches. Using Evercurrent, an automated tool used exclusively by Four Kitchens, we are alerted every time a module or plugin update is available.

We offer two tiers of support: Standard and Enterprise. While both tiers provide the same uncompromising level of quality, they are built with different organizations and needs in mind.

  • Standard Support. Our Standard Support tier is ideal for organizations with small budgets that need basic support. If you need to keep things running on a budget, this is the tier for you.
  • Enterprise Support. Our Enterprise Support tier is ideal for organizations that need to constantly improve their site. It’s also ideal for those with unique needs. If you have a backlog of improvements—or if your website is critical to your business—this is the tier for you.