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Web Chef Emeritusshe/her/hers

Ashley Hitson

Location: Austin, TX

Ashley is here to turn problems into delight. As an experienced UI/UX designer, her mission is to meld user and business needs into beautiful designs that provide seamless, enjoyable online experiences. Revamping and refining is the name of the game, whether she’s performing a content audit or working on an open-ended design project. At the end of the day, it’s all about making something better than it was when she found it.

With a Bachelor of Science in Photojournalism and Advertising from UT Austin, she naturally aligns with solving clients’ problems by providing fully functional, visually pleasing design. Her other responsibilities include assisting with client workshops, performing competitive analyses, and conducting user interviews and tests. Empathy, ownership, and action are the fuel for Ashley’s fire. She loves working with other like-minded people at Four Kitchens who are always seeking to improve their societal impact and make the world a better place.

A perpetual learner, Ashley is always looking to expand her scope of knowledge and experiences. Her crafting skill set now includes sculpting, painting, mixed media, and jewelry-making; she also enjoys biking, camping, and hiking in the great outdoors.