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Director of Operations, Costa Ricahe/him/his

Beto Rojas

Location: San José, Costa Rica

A fine arts major, Beto was abducted by web developers in the early 2000s. This opened the doors to the realm of collaboration, community, and open-source values that led him to co-create Manatí, a Costa Rican agency acquired by Four Kitchens in 2022.

Beto has more than 20 years of experience in the web, where has been a consultant on the adoption of Drupal and other open-source technologies for nonprofits, media outlets, higher ed institutions, entrepreneur centers, and governmental organizations in Costa Rica and the U.S.

Beto believes that open-source adoption is about more than building software: It’s about obtaining the result of outstanding collaboration between people all over the world. Open-sourcing technology results in software that is more accessible, maintainable, and customizable for everyone. He wants to facilitate that adoption and bring more people into the open-source world by organizing, speaking, and teaching at both the local and global Drupal community levels.

In his spare time, Beto builds spreadsheets detailing intricate travel plans with his beloved partner-in-crime, Lucy. His passion for building extends outside of work, where he likes to work on his mechanical keyboards, build LEGOs, or bake a good pizza to share!