Four Kitchens



Chris Martin

Location: Austin, TX

Chris loves building things from scratch while pushing the bleeding edge of technology. He relishes in finding new problems and being the one to solve them. He started at Four Kitchens in 2016 as a junior developer on the support team, and has since moved to the build team where he focuses on backend engineering and serves as tech lead. He also heads up Four Kitchens’ Drupal practice group who all work together to keep pushing the boundaries of development.

Outside of Four Kitchens, Chris remains heavily focused on Drupal (particularly Drupal 9 and 10) and is widely active in the Drupal community. He’s a member of several local organizations, including the Austin Drupal Users Group and Asmbly Makerspace, a local inventors’ workshop.

Chris enjoys spending time with his family, especially his two young kids with whom he shares an affinity for rock climbing. At home, he can often be found working on his “fish room” — a room with six aquariums full of guppies, neon tetras, and other nano fish.