Four Kitchens


Chief Operating Officershe/her/hers

Elia Milán

Location: Austin, TX

As Four Kitchens’ COO, Elia integrates each of the company’s primary functions: client services, business development, and administration. Having been with the company since 2013, she brings a wealth of business leadership experience, instilling the values that guide the business and position Four Kitchens as an agent for the greater good.

Elia is accountable for executing the company’s vision, from high-level oversight to hands-on implementation of business operations systems that drive and enable growth. Clarity is key to success, so Elia works to remove blockers and ensure the right people have the right conversations to move Four Kitchens forward as a business. She thrives in the center of the Venn diagram of efficient processes and people-first values and develops happy and productive teams of Web Chefs.

She enjoys working with clients who are interested in doing good and creating meaningful impact for those clients’ organizations. She also enjoys speaking at events — whether virtual or in-person — to share her experience and has organized various speaking engagements and other events over the years.

Elia spends most of her days spoiling her Chihuahua-Dachshund, Evie June. As an amateur quilter, Elia loves working with her hands and can often be found with a funky natural wine, a black tea, or a fizzy Topo Chico in one of those hands.