A mossy log in the woods of Vancouver, BC.

Emily Sapp

User Experience Strategist

Web Chef Emily Sapp
Portland, OR

Connecting needs, values and behavior to infrastructure and visual language.

Emily got her start as a visual designer and her deep-diving nature quickly led her to specialize in developing complex visual and brand identities. Excited by the multitude of sensory inputs and touchpoints, she turned her attention to interaction design. By focusing on surfacing subconscious needs, behaviors and biases, she creates experiences which reach beyond functionality to grow brand and product relationships. She believes technology has a language all its own and takes on the task of fluency.

Bits and pieces

  • Currently obsessed with…

    Service Design (www.practicalservicedesign.com/) and Organizational Strategy (www.xplane.com).

  • On my next vacation, I'm going to…

    Iceland or Alaska.

  • Bread, butter, cheese, wine, charcuterie and pickled things

    …are the perfect dinner combo.
  • I can't stop listening to…

    Run the Jewels.

  • I empower others by…

    listening and observing.

  • File me under…

    snarky, sappy, hungry

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