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Jeff Tomlinson


Web Chef Jeff Tomlinson
Albuquerque, NM

Generalist and Sharp Cookie

Jeff is a senior engineer at Four Kitchens and has been working with Drupal for over ten years. What he likes most about his work is interacting with clients and building elegant solutions for the complex problems they bring. He also studied photography back when darkrooms, film and chemicals were still the thing, and he holds an MFA in that discipline. An avid scholar of beer, Jeff can often be found performing related research at one of New Mexico’s many breweries.

Recent Four Kitchens Projects

Bits and pieces

  • Currently obsessed with…

    kombucha, JavaScript, and Alexa.

  • Green chile chicken enchiladas and an IPA

    …are the perfect dinner combo.
  • When the world ends, you'll find me…

    photographing the rubble.

  • I empower others by…


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