Four Kitchens


Business Development Associateshe/her/hers

Jenna Harris-Mosley

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Jenna brings a wealth of experience and knowledge from the areas of education/EdTech, nonprofit, adoption, and various aspects of social work, her a sought-after expert for external and internal stakeholders looking to reach common goals. Jenna seeks to provide the best sales experience for our prospects and clients. She enjoys making interpersonal connections and helping both clients and Web Chefs excel on new and continuing projects.

A Dartmouth College graduate, Jenna, is an endlessly curious student. She took classes in nearly every department, from engineering to French, calculus, and theater, but her main love is sociology. Jenna calls herself a “forever student” and brings her love of learning to helping clients and immersing herself in their work.

From North Philadelphia, born and raised, Jenna also considers herself a cheesesteak connoisseur. She can help you to find the most delicious, authentic sandwich in and around Philly. In her humble opinion, the best ones come from her very own kitchen. The secret is cooking with extra love; and by “love” she means “cheese.”

When she is not working, Jenna enjoys spending time with her family: her husband, her daughter, and her first baby, Princess Jasmine, a 60-pound pitbull who is a big ball of love.