Four Kitchens


Senior Designer and Frontend Engineerhe/him/his

Joe Tower

Location: Minneapolis, MN

A passion for photography and a love for world travel means Joe is always looking for the next great adventure. And because he’s naturally curious, he makes sure to learn everything he can along the way. While traveling through Italy, he fell in love with real espresso and has since turned that love into a passion for brewing his own.

That curiosity extends to Joe’s work, where he enjoys navigating through all the layers of research to learn as much as he can and truly bring a project to life. He’s passionate about solving technical problems in order to design an experience that’s more user-friendly than it was when he found it. Seeing the value a new feature adds not only brings him immense satisfaction, but helps to strengthen Four Kitchens’ relationships with its clients.

As a senior designer and frontend engineer, Joe is responsible for executing frontend styles for websites with accessibility and user experience in mind. His job is to discover and identify design improvements, make recommendations, and implement those recommendations when possible. He’s also constantly seeking out ways to stretch his programming capabilities and apply them to his work.