Four Kitchens


Senior Frontend Engineerhe/him/his

Josué González

Location: Paris, France

Josué is a frontend engineer at Four Kitchens. Don’t be fooled by the title; even though he has been working on the frontend for six years, his “recipe” could be called full-stack, since backend work is on his plate on a daily basis. Nevertheless, the creative and innovative part of the frontend is still what he enjoys the most.

Having graduated from the University of Costa Rica with a degree that combines programming and design, Josué developed an affinity for design tools, user experience, and the discovery process. He likes to think he works as a bridge between designers and programmers.

Josué loves nature and all comes with it. In his natural habitat, you can find Josué discovering new beaches in Costa Rica, diving, skating (though not as much as he used to), hunting for sunsets, and hiking (even barefoot once or twice). Currently living in Paris, he is trying to discover new places around Europe.