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Senior Engineershe/her/hers

Laura Johnson

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Laura has been making websites since 2001. Along the way, she found the world of open-source frameworks and really enjoyed working with development communities. She began working with Drupal in 2008 and the rest is history.

She is an organizer of and contributor to Drupal North, which is Canada’s largest Drupal conference, as well as DrupalTO, Toronto’s Drupal meetup group. She has spoken at multiple conferences, including DrupalCon and accessibility conferences, and enjoys collaborating with her peers on presentations and writing articles to share her thoughts. Throughout her career, she has been a professional development and skills mentor to new developers.

Primarily a backend developer, Laura also loves adding new cross-disciplinary skills to her collection, such as working with themes and frontend frameworks. She has a deep appreciation for design and loves working closely with designers.

Laura loves cooking and experimenting with world cuisines. When she’s not able to travel in real life, she likes to watch travel food shows and studies regional cooking techniques and try to recreate the flavours of the world in her kitchen. To relax, she enjoys watercolour painting, and continues to develop that skill by studying with artists online. For recreation, you can often find her running or roller skating on lakeside and riverside trails around Toronto.