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Lu Sanvar

Location: San José, Costa Rica

Lucy is a former Web Chef and was co-founder and design director at Manatí for 11 years. She holds a bachelor’s in fine arts, with studies in UX/UI and human talent management.

Lucy declares herself a facilitator and a curious person by nature. She loves problems just as much as the design that helps to solve them — she sees problems as an irrepressible source of possibilities, and believes that design is the multidimensional tool that will help us find solutions to our planet’s problems. That’s why it was so natural for her to jump from user experience to employee experience. In design, she found the tools she was looking for to improve work spaces, to understand the needs of people, to propose solutions, to listen, and to support her teammates through their careers and achieve goals together.

Lucy is always keeping busy, even outside of her work. She believes that life is a gift and she doesn’t want to miss it, so she tries everything — although, in her own words, she isn’t afraid to mess up. She splits her time between her family, Beto (her partner-in-crime), Tolkien books, illustration, knitting, and, lately, drama classes.