Four Kitchens


Senior Backend Engineerhe/him/his

Marc Berger

Location: Windsor, CA

Marc has been working on websites since 1996 and moved into dynamic database-driven websites in 2006. After cutting his teeth on Drupal 7 while working at his local community college, he fell in love with the platform and decided to become a full-time web developer for a wine company, developing marketing and ecommerce websites for a multitude of brands using Drupal 7, 8, 9, and 10.

Always looking for a challenge, Marc tries to add something new to his toolbox for every project and build — be it a new CSS technology, creating custom APIs, or testing out new processes for development. He loves to collaborate with his peers and bounce ideas on how to make content editors’ and publishers’ jobs easier.

To relax, he loves to cook and try new recipes and techniques in the kitchen. Lately, he’s been researching how to cook with a wok! He also loves taking weekend trips with his family to San Francisco, building LEGOs with his son, trying out new board games, and hiking around Northern California.