Four Kitchens


Senior Drupal Engineerhe/him/his

Mike Goulding

Location: Carrizo Springs, TX

Mike has been part of the Four Kitchens crew since 2018, where he works as a senior engineer and tech lead for a variety of Drupal and WordPress projects. He’s responsible for contributing code, making architectural decisions, and making sure teams aren’t blocked.

Mike is always on the lookout for opportunities to lend a helping hand to co-workers, clients, or anyone else who needs it. He loves collaborating with others to solve a problem and arrive at the best possible solution. He also loves engaging clients in projects and getting them excited about new tools and functionalities they may not have thought were possible.

A perpetual jack-of-all-trades, Mike not only wants to learn everything—he wants to learn how to be good at everything, whether that’s DJing, mastering video games, juggling, or flexing his fiction-writing muscles. Hand him a lemonade and some good Texas barbecue and you’ll feed him for a day. You’ll also feed his soul.