Four Kitchens


Chief Delivery Officerhe/him/his

Mike is passionate about finding the nexus of art and technology in web development. As Chief Delivery Officer, he leads and manages Four Kitchens’ entire delivery team, works with sales to define and shape new projects, and drives research and development — all while staying on top of nascent technologies and bringing diversity to Four Kitchens’ work.

That perpetual curiosity drives Mike’s desire to create valuable processes and software that helps each team and client achieve their goals. Between consulting, facilitating workshops, and building forward-thinking demos, he spends much of his time connecting with the wider tech community and maintaining Four Kitchens’ position as leading subject matter experts. As an active speaker, he has presented at over a dozen conferences around the world and served as DevOps track lead for DrupalCon Austin.

A serial hobbyist and consummate maker, Mike is always working on something, whether it’s woodworking, model-making, embroidering, or building art cars and theme camps for Burning Man. He’s also an avid dog fosterer.