Four Kitchens


UX Strategisthe/him/his

Mike Zarafonetis

Location: Wilmington, DE

Having earned a Ph.D. in history and a bachelor’s in computer science, Mike has long straddled the line between the humanities and the tech world. He spent many years working in libraries, most recently at Haverford College where he and his colleagues created a digital scholarship program aimed at applying technology to teaching and research. His team also ran a summer internship program, which included workshops that introduced computer science students to UI, UX, and web application design.

As a UX strategist at Four Kitchens, Mike is thrilled to bring his experience and methods to a new environment, to take ideas and shape them into valuable user experiences. He’s a serial learner who’s always striving to better understand the world, himself, and the people around him. He’s spent years working in service and leadership roles, and is a lifelong empath. While this often allows him to anticipate clients’ needs, he finds more satisfaction in helping them arrive at ideas on their own.

Mike is an avid golfer who aspires to someday carry a single-digit handicap, loves playing video games, and is kinda-sorta obsessed with his dog, Tess. He’s also a sports nut, and can often be found watching his beloved Detroit Red Wings, Detroit Lions, Michigan Wolverines, Auburn Tigers, and Leeds United.