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Web Chef Emeritushe/him/his

Ryan Hagerty

Location: Charleston, WV

Ryan first dipped his toes into frontend development while working for a web studio as a senior designer. Beginning with Drupal 6, he learned to code on the job and quickly discovered a love for web development and bringing performance and balance to his clients’ websites.

As a senior frontend engineer, Ryan continues to feed that passion for building flexible, functional, and user-friendly websites. He enjoys building design-heavy sites with user interactions in mind. In addition to his frontend development and cross-browser compatibility duties, he’s constantly considering the Venn diagram of customer satisfaction and site performance and loves seeing a site cohere into something that makes the end user’s life just a little easier.

Ryan likes to stay physically active by cycling, mountain biking, and hiking with his young family. When he isn’t carving new trails, he enjoys reading comic books and concocting new pizza recipes for his wood-fired pizza oven.