Four Kitchens


Director of Administrationshe/her/hers

Saybra O'Brien

Location: Houston, TX

Think of Saybra’s job as Director of Administration as varying levels of hopping in and out of meetings and task work—all while wrangling two children. If you need to know how to work from home, drop her a line. She’s passionate about empowering people with the right tools and systems to be able to do their best work from wherever they are.

A dab hand at a variety of administrative tasks keeps Saybra busy guiding hiring processes, managing relationships, overseeing performance, evaluating platforms, drafting policies and procedures, working with accounting teams, and generally steering the Four Kitchens ship. As a service-driven person, she loves delighting others and creating personalized experiences for her team. Much of her year revolves around planning and overseeing Four Kitchens’ annual team-building retreat.

Raised in West Texas, Saybra grew up listening to the likes of Dolly Parton, George Jones, and Hank Williams (you know, country music). As an artist, she loves spending as much time creating in the studio as she can find.