Four Kitchens


Office Managerhe/him/his

Travis Sparks

Location: Austin, TX

Hot on the heels of a 20-year career in hospitality, Travis brings his vast expertise overseeing operations IRL to Four Kitchens’ “virtual” office. He spent several years wearing many different hats as the general manager of a boutique hotel in Austin, where he juggled administrative, HR, operations, and finance responsibilities. He’s now happy to be lending his passion for building processes and making other people’s lives easier to a new industry.

A natural problem solver, Travis thrives as the go-person for help. And in the event he doesn’t know the answer, he’ll move heaven and earth to find it. At the end of the day, he wants people to be able to focus on their work, and strives to foster an open, honest, and collaborative environment where everyone is on the same page and can make their voices heard.

If he isn’t volleying ideas at work, Travis is likely volleying tennis balls at least a few times a week, having spent many years playing competitively. Occasionally he’ll trade his tennis racquet for drumsticks, and has played in various punk bands, pop-rock groups, and most recently in a grunge cover band. He also collects sneakers, loves to read sci-fi, and is forever chipping away at his ever-growing film and TV watchlist.