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A is for Aaron’s birthday

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Four Kitchens co-founder and design Aaron Stanush recently turned 30. To celebrate, we filled his office with black balloons, went to Uncle Billy’s Brew and Cue, and ditched work to go bowling. Just another day at FKHQ.

Aaron is also a homebrewer, so we gave him a copy of Tom Robbin’s B Is for Beer inscribed with this alphabet poem:

A is for Aaron
B is for Beer
C is for Cycling
D is for Double Pecan Porter
E is for eBoy
F is for Shepard Fairey
G is for Guacamole
H is for display: Hidden; (or Hefeweizen)
I is for Invoicing
J is for Je voudrais un billet, cinq jour, trois zone
K is for Kidrobot
L is for Losing a passport in Hungary
M is for McFarlane Toys
N is for Nintendo
O is for Open Source (or Octoberfest)
P is for Portmanteau Brewing
Q is for Quantic (or Quadrupel)
R is for Rollerblades
S is for Ska/Punk
T is for Typography
U is for Underground Hip-Hop (or UT)
V is for Volkswagen
W is for Weird Wednesdays
X is for sXe
Y is for
Z is for Zombies