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Todd Ross Nienkerk
Location: Austin, TX
Email: todd@fourkitchens.com

Todd Ross Nienkerk

CEO, Owner, and Co‑Founder


As CEO of Four Kitchens, Todd is responsible for driving the company’s long-term strategy, sales, and overall vision. As head chef, his recipes include fostering an environment that drives creativity, innovation, and collaboration.

Todd has been part of the web design and publishing communities since 1996, designing and developing countless websites as well as writing, editing, and managing several online and print publications. Degrees in psychology and mass media propelled his passion for understanding how humans perceive and experience the world around them through technology and emerging forms of communication. As an active member of the web and open-source communities, Todd has spoken at more than 60 conferences around the world, including SXSW Interactive.

In a world constantly in flux, it’s Todd’s job to ensure Four Kitchens’ underlying values and philosophy continue to shine as a force for good, both inward and outward. He’s fortunate to be surrounded by a stellar collection of individuals who continue to evolve the company’s vision of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Aside from amassing a collection of the best Web Chefs on offer, Todd is a connoisseur of new skills, preferring to embed himself in the subcultures surrounding those skills. As a former comedy writer, humor runs deep in his veins, an underrated value he seeks to instill in the Four Kitchens ethos. He’s also an avid traveller, a collector of rare LEGO sets, a sci-fi lover, and an amateur race car driver.