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David Strauss elected as a permanent member of the Drupal Association

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Congratulations to David Strauss, Four Kitchens co-founder and Drupal scalability guru, who was elected yesterday as a Permanent Member of the Drupal Association.

David’s goals as a member focus largely on improvements to infrastructure, community-building, and reaching out to other open-source projects. Details can be found in his application:

What are the primary goals you would like to work on?

I would like to advance the infrastructure for development and sprints by working with the community to drive development and deployment of next-generation (read: not CVS) tools, both for issue tracking and version control. I would like to participate in discussions surrounding the membership software for Drupal Association membership, including CiviCRM (the current tool) and alternatives. I would like to work with major free culture and free software organizations to establish partnerships.

What strategy will you employ in order to accomplish said goals?

I would like to host a series of official online meetings to discuss options for development infrastructure and prepare an Association-endorsed roadmap. For membership management, I would use my experience implementing and managing CiviCRM and other non-profit-focused tools to inform and guide the Association’s decisions. For partnership building, I would draw on my relationships with other projects and developers to start productive discussions about shared goals and their projects’ stake in Drupal’s success.

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Congratulations are also in order for the other elected Permanent Members and the new Board Members, all of whom are donating huge amounts of time towards promoting and supporting the Drupal project.