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Design and UX sessions needed for DrupalCon Chicago

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Attention designers, user experience specialist, and interaction designers: DrupalCon Chicago needs you!

The Design/UX track has been very successful at inviting speakers from outside the Drupal community. Now we need those from inside the community to step up! We currently have four confirmed and 19 proposed sessions. This is good, but we can do better.

We’re looking for sessions that address the following topics (and not necessarily in Drupal-specific ways):

  • Principles of design (aesthetics, etc.)
  • Principles UX and interaction design (usability, UI, etc.)
  • Information architecture and knowledge management
  • Typography

The Design/UX track is for artists, usability experts, and site architects — all the people who decide what a site should look like and why. While the Theming track focuses on execution, the Design/UX track is about what happens before anyone touches markup and CSS. This track is about more than Drupal — it’s about building a more attractive, usable, and purpose-driven Web.

If you’re interested, please hurry: Session proposals are due by Friday, 12pm ET. You can submit your session proposal here.