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DrupalCon LA: Headless roundup

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Building decoupled sites has become staple of our architectural quiver here at Four Kitchens and we are extremely excited about how much interest there is in building headless and decoupled Drupal sites at this year’s Drupalcon. I put together a handy list of talks about topics related to headless and decoupled sites.

Headless roundup

Decoupled Drupal: When, Why, and How

Josh Koenig from Pantheon and Amitai Burstein from Gizra help you the understand when, why and how of the “conscious uncoupling” of front-end and back-end. In a web increasingly driven by APIs, Drupal can be a first-class producer as well as consumer. This session will delve into the motivations and benefits of a decoupled (aka “headless”) architecture.

###API Design: The Musical
Four Kitchen’s own David Diers helps you win your first API rodeo, with DrupalCon LA’s only musical session. He’ll share API design best practices learned through his work on many headless projects at Four Kitchens.

###Creating a crowdsourced contraband reporting web app with a headless Drupal
Alberto Rojas, our friend at Estudio Manati walks us through a fascinating case study about how they turned Drupal into an content API and static site generator. I was lucky enough to get a preview earlier this year and I can attest that this is a very cool solution. A Novel Presentation Framework

Matt Davis and Jason Smith from Mediacurrent will walk us through the fascinating work they did for The presentation framework they developed looks to be very interesting and really shows off how decoupled architectures lower the barrier to entry for Drupal projects.

Angular.js with Drupal 8

Travis Tidwell takes us on a tour of how to build sites using Drupal as an API which is rendered with Angular.js. He recently showed me some of the stuff he’s working on and I’m super excited to hear this talk.

Rendering HTML with Drupal: Past, Present and Future

Steve Persch from Palantir walks us through the history of html rendering in Drupal and I’m excited to see that decoupled is listed as the “future” of rendering.

The Battle for the Body Field

Finally Jeff Eaton from Lullabot outlines best practices for handling semi-structured “body field” content. This is a key aspect of making a successful Content API, and I look forward to his thoughts.

It’s a very exciting year for Content APIs and decoupled sites, and I’m looking forward to all the great sessions, great conversations and new ideas as we push this exciting new way of building Drupal sites forward.

Headless training sold out

Our Introduction to Headless Drupal class sold out in record time this year and we are excited about how much interest there is in this training. If you were hoping to get in, but weren’t one of the lucky few, then don’t worry! We are already talking to Drupal camps across the country for other opportunities to share the training. Stay tuned.

Looking for more?

Five session and a training isn’t enough? On June 11th we are partnering with Pixo and Pantheon for a webinar titled Content as a Service: What to know about Decoupled CMS.